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Agile and customer friendly approaches

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Team Neptune IT Solutions uses a time-tested and proven agile approach to software development, web design & development, mobile apps development and all other services. Our agile methodology of development ensures customer's delight since we evolve a solution with a constant involvement of the team Neptune IT Solutions and client throughout the development lifecycle.

Wordpress is a free open source platform today occupy its position in almost one fourth of total websites across the globe. Originally initiated as the easiest blogging tool, Wordpress is today strongest content management system (CMS) for websites. The easy admin interface helps the web owners to change the content of website real time. By the demand and usage of Wordpress, there are numerous ad ons and plugins have been developed for many other standard features of a full fledged website. The components can be very simple like updating a news item to complex like compete e-commerce.

Technologies we have been working with

TechnologyLanguages DatabaseWeb Server
MicrosoftASP.NET MS SQL 2012IIS-7
Open Sourcen working C#MS Access 2010Tomcat
 Java MySQL Apache

Post qualification, need of a good training which can enable the future employees to work with IT projects has been constantly in demand by almost all the corporate houses. Scarcity of right skill enhancement has not only affected the industry, but the morale of new joinees too.

With a diversified experience of professional teams, Neptune IT Solutions has set up a center of info where we identify and coach young, dynamic students. This center of info is created to impart leadership, evangelization, best practices, research, support and/or training in some selected focus areas like technology (e.g. Java), business concept (e.g. BPM) or a skill (e.g. negotiation). The program is totally focused on live projects and management. This program is also being used by the internal resources of organization who need to sharpen their skills.

Interested people who want to avail these services can contact us with their preferred focus areas and their resumes. We have an internal short listing process, wherein we will analyze the focus area and the availability and accordingly call you for a discussion. You can reach us at info@Neptune IT Solutions.com