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ERP System automates and integrates core business processes

ERP software products don't have to be a commodity, forcing companies to become more and more alike. At Neptune IT Solutions, we believe software can be a differentiator, helping businesses exploit the unique processes and workflows that have been a part of their competitive advantage from the start. Bottom line, the standard we have for our software products is fit—either right out of the box or shortly thereafter via powerful configuration and customization tools. When software is tightly aligned with the core challenges of a given industry or niche market—and even further, with the unique processes of an individual business—the return on investment is highest.

Neptune IT Solutions is a growing and profitable provider of ERP software solutions for small to midmarket manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide.

Advantages of ERP Implementation

There are many advantages of ERP implementation and ERP operations is no exception. ERP training helps one to gain better hands on using ERP HCM module. ERP HCM ERP allows one to organize a structure HR process system in a work station. Many tasks can be automated thus reducing manual work and increasing productivity. ERP HCM configuration allows one to maximize the recruitment process such as organizations can hire permanent but also on contractual, part-time workers and also daily wagers. Also implementing ERP HCM module doesn’t require redesigning of the entire process. ERP HCM User is flexible software and allows one to adjust the new ERP developments within the existing process. ERP has various models for different processes in HR management. For example: Every employee has name, employee ID, designation etc. that needs to be recorded by the HR team of every organization. These data can be created and stored automatically using ERP HCM tools and ways. Similarly, data can be recorded based on time management, payroll details, and work-schedules and so on. There are various sub models in ERP HCM for different processes.

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • E-Recruitment
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • ESS and MSS
  • Reporting

ERP Software That Constrains:Most companies looking for a new ERP software solution have done one of two things: either they’ve changed their business, or they’ve changed their software. Those that have changed their business are wasting uncounted hours on workflow mismatches and process workarounds. They’ve surrendered to the “best practices” hard-coded into their systems, and they know they’re operating no differently from their competitors. Those who have changed their software have spent unspoken amounts of money and resources on customizations. They’re already choking trying to maintain and afford what they’ve built, and they know it won’t withstand their plans for growth and expansion.

ERP Software That Contrasts:The search for ERP software doesn’t have to be a choice between the lesser of two evils—especially for small to midmarket manufacturing and distribution companies working to achieve big dreams with limited budgets. It’s time to get to know Neptune IT Solutions ERP—a next-generation ERP software solution that was designed from the ground up based on the idea that no two businesses are alike and that differentiation and automation can exist at the same time.

Your ERP, Your WayUnlike other ERP software systems, Neptune IT Solutions ERP is built on a genius architecture that allows you to easily and cost-effectively implement and upgrade a highly custom system on top of a rich standard feature set. With Neptune IT Solutions ERP, you start with a foundation of robust, standard functionality, and easily modify and add the pieces you need to operate with the support of an ERP system that is uniquely yours. An ERP system designed to protect your competitive advantage and scale with you as you grow.

Why Neptune IT Solutions ERP?Neptune IT Solutions is the number-one ERP software solution in Sweden and entering new markets around the globe. Learn more about the top six reasons manufacturing and distribution companies choose Neptune IT Solutions ERP:

  • Design Your ERP With In-House IT
  • Quickly Deploy Additive Features
  • Easily Integrate With Other Systems
  • Support for International Growth and Expansion
  • Deploy On-Premise or on the Cloud
  • Easily Upgrade While Carrying Forward System Customizations

Features and Technology :Neptune IT Solutions ERP offers deep functionality across manufacturing management, supply chain management, financial management, sales management, customer relationship management, product management, service management, projects and assignments, and business intelligence. Learn more about Neptune IT Solutions ERP’s core application areas, as well as the additive solutions that extend the system even further. Or, explore what’s so “genius” about the Neptune IT Solutions ERP architecture.